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"I'm convinced that human continuance depends entirely...

...upon the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual."

Buckminster Fuller (Critical Path, 1981)


Limits us...

Suit the action to the word. In the old days we pleaded the gods for favors by bringing offers. What offers need we make for solving the immense world problems we caused ourselves? Do we have or are we granted the time to actually do so if we had the answers. We don’t have the power to stop time. “Time’s changing moving on, 10 seconds I’ll be gone.” According to Al Gore, who’s Oscar winning movie was like a tornado blazing through our cinemas and living rooms, it was an inconvenient truth. But like art the film is still not reality (yet) and although a doom but great scenario the script could be more positive. Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’ now is a “sign of the time” according to Sky News and presented as a documentary that Green groups are actually trying to get banned. IVO wants to ‘believe’ that there must (still) be time and that power we must use to our benefit. 

Let’s start today and work with (com-) passion, another way of looking at things, a co-operative ambition and our capability to be innovative, to come up with power items.

 Innovative Transformations that emit powers. 

Think globally, act locally. Vote for Viability!
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