One might think does my vote count? 

From a naive perspective our answer is, YES it does. At IVO we are working with a virtual capital of 7 Billion human beings.

But imagine this: 

In March 2015 already Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had reached the 1 Billion active users worldwide. 1 out 7 people on the planet uses Facebook actively more than once per month. Imagine if each of those users would have participated once a year in a viability project or supported a project with only 1VO€. (Instead, and apart from all the good stuff Facebook provides, the social impact of these alike networks also have shown devastating and shocking images of bullying, terrorizing and anti-viable time consuming and non-information mass consumption.) 

Better become a Beholder of Mutual Knowledge at IVO


1 World, 1€ and 1Vibe!

Omnia in omnibus & Singula in singulis!

All things exist in all things &
all individuals exist in all individuals.

We are all one! Most obvious we also have 1 world. Our Planet, Mother Earth, where we as Viable beHOLDERS – Human Kind – still have the ability to ensure that we can also behave.

The saying by pre-Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras; “Omia in Omnibus & Singula in Singulis”, which finds counterparts in correlative traditions in the Middle-East, India and China, could pass as a concise modern definition of a fractal system.

IVO believes that human kind’s consuming behaviour can not, or only slightly, be forced to change. We therefore see a great opportunity in changing the environment we live in, by vitalising this very environment by implementing tools to evoke, “make visible” a Cradle-To-Cradle / Circular Economy lifestyle. An economy in which human kind automatically evolves. Creating the mindset to “Vote Viability for…” the projects that matter.

Everyone’s Vote counts and therefore our one-rule that defines the inclusiveness of our mission to make a platform for all beHolders of beauty – mankind – we ask a 1€ donation for 1 Vote a year. No more, No less!

From a conceptual and thought experiment point of view, at IVO we are working with a virtual budget of 7-billion+ potentially IVO-€uro. Naive, maybe…

One might think does my vote count? 

From a naive perspective our answer is, YES it does. At IVO we are working with a virtual capital of 7 Billion human beings. The road-sign End-Dead-End is not just a naive and graphical element. It can actually be that illuminating sign for a better future, a beautiful future and even a Viable Future with your Vote for Viability. 

If Design is the first signal of human intention, we beHOLDERS of our Planet Earth, see the mutual goal in becoming native to the planet’s viable system, as the greatest design challenge to face.

A discovery journey to reinforce our mutual existence within that very viable system, Planet Earth so beautifully provides us with. IVO offers Shared Points of Departure to discover, define and re-design the cooperative means, required to meet our needs as mankind. Embracing diversity as an existential requirement for becoming a mutualistic society with at least one shared point of departure; Viability!  

An intention to design cooperation with sustainability in mind. For sustainability is not a product, is not a company, ego or certificate. The ability to sustain is not words but action. Sustainability is not a state of any kind, if only a viable state of mind!

Activate this naivety, serviceable for all.

This very infantile simplicity or naivety finds its origin in nature. “Naïve” derives from the Latin “nativus”, meaning native. From a local and holistic point of view, by adding the “t” of technology, trust and truth, IVO sees the greatest challenge in the one question:

Can we become native to our Planet again?

Do you want a naive answer? 



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