“For better or worse, we live in a manmade world, now facing the question of wether it will work any better than the Garden

George Nelson (How to See, 1977)

George Nelson

George Nelson, designer and Herman Miller’s design director in the time period 1940 -1970ties assigning Ray & Charles Eames a.o., already in 1977 used one of the scene’s of Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel as a beautiful metaphor while making the next statement.

For better or worse, we live in a manmade world, now facing the question of whether it will work any better than the Garden. “How to See”, 1977 by George Nelson.

In his book, “How to See” George Nelson already in the 1970-ties is talking about pollution. Visual pollution yes, but when we look at it now, we do not only see the visual pollution we also know that we produce all this waste by extracting raw materials from the earth without giving anything back and that we use toxic materials that are cancer generic and life threatening, within our products. Let alone what we do to our environment.

e-Transferium a storytelling tool

IVO used the Storytelling tool e-Transferium as a basis to tell the more global and visionary project to establish a Viable System on our Planet where we as Human Kind can live, heal, learn and stay connected.

The e-Transferium storytelling tool can be used for any type of project, from a global, regional or even local perspective it will help all involved parties to establish a well-defined and respected place and function within the shared points of departure and the mutual agreed upon design assignment and goals.

Project Earth

If Design is the first signal of human intention, we beHOLDERS of our Planet Earth, see the mutual goal in becoming native to the planet’s viable system, as the greatest design challenge to face.

A discovery journey to reinforce our mutual existence within that very viable system, Planet Earth so beautifully provides us with. IVO offers Shared Points of Departure to discover, define and re-design the cooperative means, required to meet our needs as mankind. Embracing diversity as an existential requirement for becoming a mutualistic society with at least one shared point of departure; Viability!

An intention to design cooperation with sustainability in mind. For sustainability is not a product, is not a company, ego or certificate. The ability to sustain is not words but action. Sustainability is not a state of any kind, if only a viable state of mind!

As mutual Viability beHolders within IVO, we want to discover, learn and share project related Knowledge, in order to activate viable cooperation. Join IVO and share, support, or cooperate in a viable project as a first cradle and become an effective multiplier to the next.

See how IVO’s activation strategy for cooperation works. Project “Earth” can be transformed into any type of project, from a local, regional or international project to any innovative, social or intercompany type of project.


A luxurious gift is the fact that we have Consciousness. Perception and interpretation of the world, with a global awareness and understanding based on laws of nature, the Natural System, is what makes us unique.

For the empowerment of our potentiality we need to be aware of the fact that we are part of that natural system in which consciousness is the key element, the power item that can emit unified powers to create viability.

So we start with the triangle: Consciousness, System and Earth.

Planet Earth is our basis. Its Natural System our tool and our Consciousness the connectivity that can transform our interdependency to that very Earth, towards a viable activity. Point of Departure is that very Consciousness that leads us from a justified intention to develop the required means to meet our needs as part of the Natural System in which human beings are beneficially creating, a viable future for ourselves and the very planet we live on, by becoming Native to the Planet.

If we start with looking at the past, our consciousness enabled us to form communities that worked together and used that interdependency for survival. If we look at definitions of consciousness we find:

Consciousness: a complex structure derived from various localized functions that are bound together with a unitary awareness, aware of one’s surroundings, one’s own thoughts and motivations, etc.

The way we connected, and showed respect to each other, (Humanitarianism) was (and still is) of existential importance in order to meet the needs to stay alive within the System, Earth provided us with. Employability in that case can be seen as the ability to employ oneself or to provide for the needs in order to stay alive. 

Linear to Circular, Efficient to Effective and from Control to Support

Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations. IVO wants to create a VIBE as an activation strategy to empower viable cooperation with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!

If we are conscious of the current urgency to act different and really want to establish a future for planet Earth with a viable system for Human Kind we need to redesign our human systems. Our Intention must be to Become Native to the Planet, native to the Natural system. That is a mutualistic system in which we can be beneficial to the one requirement; Viability.

Therefore IVO’s primary business process is to facilitate in the discovery journey of sustainable cooperation, transforming sustainability towards the ability to sustain viable, by sharing and interconnecting knowledge to support and make visible tangible viable projects. For the needs of 7 billion human beings, a number still growing, we need the means of 7 billion potential Viable beHolders; 1€ and a viable state of mind!

Quality of life as a manageable value

Design is the first signal of human Intention and if we can define our intention as becoming native to the Earth’s natural system we need to design and develop all means to fulfill our needs with Viability in mind. Being supportive or beneficial to the quality of life as a manageable value for present and future generations.

Present generations and future generations to come, form our market with a specific need for positive effective solutions that offer the capability as a civilization to empower employability and enrich cultures in order to celebrate life with an industry (economy) as nutritious instrument to the system and our ecology. The products and services we design must be supported culturally and need to support nature.

If we look at the relationship of the elements we will see that when we would start with the intention to become Native to the planet we will have to follow and integrate our manmade systems into supportive integrated systems that are inline and in harmony with the natural system. We would need for the Industry to grow a conscious.

What we have defined as Culture is by far not how cultures developed in early years, where the relation to the natural local environment was one of the keystones of how beliefs, tradition and certain rules came to be of importance in the existence of tribes, communities, civilizations. Our relation to nature is much more one of leisure, vacation or an occasional walk on a sunny Sunday morning. We will have to learn the true cultural meaning and effect of restoring and renew our relationship with nature.

While we have made Ecology into Economy, and especially in those places where we take the Earth’s raw materials and or ship our waste to, we see what is left of our humanitarian beliefs.

Educational programs will have to change what automatically will support a next generation with a new (naïve) natural intelligence and biosphere supportive, effective form of Employability.

Cooperative beHolders are exactly those organisations that acknowledge the need for interconnectivity between projects for sharing mutually developed knowledge will help each project to become a first cradle as an effective multiplier to the next.

The final element; a viable Future

The connection between the right Intention and Viability is formed by the Market’s request for products and services of a well-defined quality; Quality of life and supportive to the intention to build industrial and employability systems that make the connection with Viability. That connection can only be made if we learn from the cultural diversity in relation to Nature and its ecological systems and redefine Education; the connecting element between Viability and Become Native.

If we can transform Industries and redefine Employability from intentionally well designed educational programs that stimulate and inspire humanity to build and grow respect for diversity on all cultural, biological and social levels, we as a civilization can work on the final element; a viable Future.