“A pound of feathers won’t take flight, if there ain’t a bird inside.”

IVO is an independent platform that makes visible the invitation to cooperate within an open dynamic network of experts that actively support the envisioned mission from a separable functionality yet respecting each other’s expertise to ensure reliable implementation. From a well defined, first Cradle as an effective multiplier to the next. 

Experienced and with build up knowledge, we state that the beginning of the journey in discovering true sustainability lies in the will to participate in cooperative partnerships that last. On both ends of most contradictious challenges we encountered, clashing egos often made it hard if not next to impossible for good ideas to really flourish.

That’s why we wrote our Manifest and Whitepaper; “e-Transferium, Why & How it’s build”.


“Its time to park our ego, acknowledge that we are all on the same road of discovery, set our clocks alike and work from well defined points of departure. A challenging future lies ahead!”

Frans Aerdts