“I’m convinced that human continuance depends entirely  upon the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.”


Every Human Being can become a beHolder for mutual Viability, when reaching the age of 16.

Every Viable beHolder can also become a Supportive beHolder by supporting children under the age of 16, or as an organisation by subscribing their employees, students or members.

People living beneath the poverty line, in need of welfare etc. can become Viable beHOLDER with the support of a Supportive or Cooperative beHOLDER.

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Time’s Power

To find satisfaction or gratification in doing what is necessary, in pursuing a chosen goal from a collective perspective.  To do what is necessary for achieving that goal while preserving and value one’s self respect, creating added value and equality in value sharing.

As Human Kind, the sum of all individuals and all characteristics that define us, actively effective add value, shape and give content to the concept, norm, idea or ideal of viability for humanity.

The search for such possibilities is of all ages and there have been many more or less successful attempts. Within the context of time, the pursued or currently established worldview, the necessity to act, all kinds of causes have made the attempts to fail or into a mission not (yet) accomplished.

Most important reason, influenced by our ego is the inability to collectively define the perspective that supports the chosen challenge. 

The International Viability Organisation finds the challenge in making visible the projects that matter, the cooperative organisations that make these projects viable and by giving you as Viable beHolder the opportunity to be part of the solutions by supporting the project of your choice and give it your Vote for Viability.

With a possible 7 billion beholders we can create a Vibe, that will transform TIME’S POWER into POWER IT’S ME!

A beHolder of Mutual Viability.