“I’m convinced that human continuance depends entirely  upon the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.”


An IVO Project beHolder is any type of organisation that is working actively on transformative projects with sustainability in mind and the willingness to share experience and effective solutions.

Open, transparent and cooperative, guided by Shared Points of Departure.

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Projects for Innovative Transformation

Projects are considered Viable Projects if the Shared Points of Departure IVO will draw up in cooperation with a Project beHolder are agreed upon and approved by our stewards for Viability and our advisory board.

Shared points of departure for setting goals and defining a project is not only about content. Important is also that all partners agree upon the steps to be taken, respect each other’s capabilities and time to act. Most important though is once agreed upon the challenge to face, its crucial for all partners to help each other not to lose face, for the main goal is getting there together.

For this purpose a project plan, timetable and project partners will be shared with IVO in order to establish a cooperation and Project beHolder’s digital platform presentation and website presence.

IVO provides visibility, connectivity, awareness and mutual support on an enlisted project basis, for all Cooperative Beholders.

Projects, project summary and results, project participants and Cooperative Beholders are shown at the platform for all visitors of int.viability.org to behold the beauty.

Help to grow a mutual knowledge base for 7 billion beHolders to define a viable Future and get support for your project.

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