In Sync Communication;



Communicative Beholders are organisations that will promote IVO on their festival, school, public library etc, possible with an onsite opportunity to go online and subscribe on IVO’s platform

IVO will run I-Vote campaigns for Organisations’ employees, festival attendees or event participants, enlisted students etc. An opportunity to give their audience a chance to vote for a project or related projects. Together with IVO you can choose from suggested projects, make the “I Vote Viability for…Campaign” specific to your target group and support local initiatives. 

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Communication in sync with the World

Justified Analyses of our Living Environment, while Maintaining Authenticity will lead to Intelligent use of Information for Integrated Communication, Connection, Creativity and Continuity.

How we share Information defines the Future of our Common world. Interpretation and well defined shared points of departure will ensure viable use and implementation.

The connection between the right Intention and Viability is formed by the Market’s request for products and services of a well-defined quality; Quality of life and supportive to the intention to build industrial and employability systems that make the connection with Viability. That connection can only be made if we learn from the cultural diversity in relation to Nature and its ecological systems and redefine Education; the connecting element between Viability and Become Native.

If we can transform Industries and redefine Employability from intentionally well designed educational programs that stimulate and inspire humanity to build and grow respect for diversity on all cultural, biological and social levels, we as a civilization can work on the final element; a viable Future.

Last but not least we will have to make sure that the market, a global market, grows to understand that locally we will have to create and support regional economies as integrated ecosystems that are in line with a global intention of becoming native to planet again.

Wouldn’t you agree?

That as human beings, as a species with a conscious, we learned and developed language; A,B,C…

We learned how to count, resulting eventually in 1,2,3…

But those developments and discoveries put together did not bring us any further than B.

A simple system, with a focus on Business only, for the business of making profit and meanwhile exhausting our natural environment, our nature, and the world we (still) live in, a system provided by planet Earth.

Yes we developed language: ABC…
We added the ability to count from 1 to 2 to 3..: ABCCOUNT

But with a poor vision of only the B of making Business we lost track of the ABILLITY.

To discover and explore the world, its natural system and discover all possibilities to actually learn from nature.

It leaves us with the question of who is to be held A(B)CCOUNTABLE?

Next generations?

Will they still have:

The ability TO BE OR NOT!