“I’m convinced that human continuance depends entirely  upon the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.”


Any type of organisation in Industry, Government, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Leisure, Welfare etc. can become Supportive beHOLDER by donating the number of employees, festival attendees or event participants, enlisted students etc. x 1 IVO€ / year. 

Parents and or legal entities, organisations like schools can become Supportive beHOLDERS when:

  • A child is younger than 16 years old.
  • the “I Vote Viability for” campaign is part of an educational program.
  • the “I Vote Viability for” campaign is part of an in company training or part of a Corporate Social Responsibility program.
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Manmade systems transform to supportive integrated systems.

Our intention with all human activity will have to change and become an ever more beneficial and functional activity to help the Planet sustain the ability to provide us with a viable system, we need to Become Native to the Planet.

With the intention to become Native to the planet we will have to follow and integrate our manmade systems into supportive integrated systems that are inline and in harmony with the natural system. 

What we have defined as Culture is by far not how cultures developed in early years, where the relation to the natural local environment was one of the keystones of how beliefs, tradition and certain rules came to be of importance in the existence of tribes, communities, civilizations. Our relation to nature is much more one of leisure, vacation or an occasional walk on a sunny Sunday morning. We will have to learn the true cultural meaning and effect of restoring and renew our relationship with nature.

While we have made Ecology into Economy, and especially in those places where we take the Earth’s raw materials and or ship our waste to, we see what is left of our humanitarian beliefs.

Educational programs will have to change what automatically will support a next generation with a new (naïve) natural intelligence and biosphere supportive, effective form of Employability.

Last but not least we will have to make sure that the market, a global market, grows to understand that locally we will have to create and support regional economies as integrated ecosystems that are in line with a global intention of becoming native to planet again. 

Supportive to all!