I Vote Viability for… Campaigns

Supportive and Communicative beHOLDERS can create their own “I Vote Viability for…” Campaign!

Supportive beHolders like educational entities or branch organisations and Communicative beHOLDERS like events or festivals, schools, public libraries etc, can upload their custom made I-Vote Viability for… campaign! The projects within such campaigns are local or beHOLDER’s specific Viable Projects that will be granted access to via the IVO-Platform.

Organisations’ employees, festival attendees or event participants, enlisted students etc. will have the opportunity to give their vote for the Viable Project of choice on IVO’s platform or a custom-made section with pre-selected Projects. In cooperation with IVO’s Administration-Team you will define and select the projects, time period, etc. Most important is the choice to make whether you as Supportive or Communicative beHOLDER will pre-Donate the 1-IVO€ or that you will only give the participants the opportunity to Vote and sign-in as Viable beHOLDER themselves.

For both options IVO will define together with you and possible Project-beHOLDERS a price offer, either based upon the number of participants or a fixed price rate for developing the “I-Vote-for… campaign!” landing pages.

IVO’s Educational Programs & Projects

Next to the online custom made “I Vote Viability for…” Campaign you can work together with IVO’s e-Transferium Team to define an educational program with our Cooperative beHOLDERS. Public Speakers, C2C specialists, Circular Economy pioneers, Project beHOLDERS within your custom made Campaign etc. Think workshops, online training, event presentations, together with IVO’s Cooperatives we will work out and offer a tailor made Educational Program that fits your requirements and are based upon the Shared Points of Departure. 

Interested in what IVO’s Campaign-team can do for your organisation? Fill out our contact form and we will contact you for further details.