the ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to
Vulnerability versus Viability

Environmental Vulnerability Index

(EVI) Measuring the resilience of our planetary life-support systems

 A vulnerability index for the natural environment, the basis of all human welfare, has been developed by the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and their partners. The index was developed through consultation and collaboration with countries, institutions and experts across the globe. This index is designed to be used with economic and social vulnerability indices to provide insights into the processes that can negatively influence the sustainable development of countries.

The reason for using indices for this purpose is to provide a rapid and standardised method for characterising vulnerability in an overall sense, and identifying issues that may need to be addressed within each of the three pillars of sustainability, namely environmental, economic and social aspects of a country’s development. Development is often achieved through trade-offs between these pillars. Therefore, in order to promote sustainability, it has become increasingly important to be able to measure how vulnerable each aspect is to damage and to identify ways of building resilience. With this information to hand, the outcome for countries could be optimised for their unique situations and development goals.

Vulnerability versus Viability

Viability Index Project-beHOLDERS 


The Viability Index of IVO is project based and shown as Project beHOLDERS on our platform in order to make visible initiatives that transform vulnerability into viability.

IVO’s primary business process is to facilitate in the discovery journey of sustainable cooperation, transforming sustainability towards the ability to sustain viable by sharing and interconnecting knowledge to support and make visible tangible viable projects. In order to transform Vulnerability to Viability we will use the 50 EVI indicators to sort and categorise projects that have a positive and measurable value to support the gaols of IVO

IVO Project beHolders are those organisations that are working actively on transformative projects with sustainability in mind and the willingness to share experience and effective solutions.

Open, transparent and cooperative, guided by Shared Points of Departure.

Helping to grow a mutual knowledge base for 7 billion beHolders to define a viable Future.

Join the Vibe!

50 Smart Indicators

50 ‘smart indicators’ to capture the key elements of environmental vulnerability. The term ‘smart indicators’ has been used to define EVI indicators which aim to capture a large number of elements in a complex interactive system while simultaneously showing how the value obtained relates to some ideal condition.

What inspired us!

Following one of the main recommendations contained in the report entitled “A World That Counts” , presented in November 2014 by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Independent Expert and Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development, the Statistical Commission agreed that a United Nations World Data Forum on Sustainable Development Data (UN World Data Forum) would be the suitable platform for intensifying cooperation with various professional groups, such as information technology, geospatial information managers, data scientists, and users, as well as civil society stakeholders.

“A World That Counts” inspired us to develop:

“A Vote That Counts” 

The International Viability Organisation finds the challenge in making visible the projects that matter, the cooperative organisations that make these projects viable and by giving everybody as Viable beHolder the opportunity to be part of the solutions by supporting the project of their choice and give it a vote for Viability.

With a possible 7 billion beholders we can create a Vibe, that will transform

TIME’S POWER into POWER IT’S ME!* A beHolder of Mutual Viability.

*ME being Mother Earth. See Project Earth

Indicators / Project-themes

Cooperative beHolders are exactly those organisations that acknowledge the need for interconnectivity between projects for sharing mutually developed knowledge will help each project to become a first cradle as an effective multiplier to the next. The 50 Smart Indicators from EVI and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are part of the inspirational data developing  the Project Themes to  be categorised on the IVO Platform for all Projects and Project beHOLDERS.

Cooperative beHolders are  Viable, Supportive or Communicative beHolders that are participating in (a) Project(s) as enlisted on the IVO website and involved as supplier of knowledge, services and or products.

Int. Viability Organisation

IVO Administration team

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IVO International Viability Organisation is a concept initially developed by evoke2 and designed by Studio 1.25, with the intention to have for their clients, a transparent and open platform for cooperation and to share the experienced knowledge and expertise of cooperative partners. All people that were willing to park their Ego. While working with inspiring and beautiful people all over the world it was time to scale up.

The reversed ® icon is a symbol for re-define, re-discover, re-design, is a symbolic “read backwards” sign,  and a call for a 180° change towards a viable future!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so share and make it a first cradle as an effective multiplier to the next”.  

Hans & Frans