the ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to

An IVO Project beHolder is any type of organisation that is working actively on transformative projects with sustainability in mind and the willingness to share experience and effective solutions.

Open, transparent and cooperative, guided by Shared Points of Departure.

Helping to grow a mutual knowledge base for 7 billion beHolders to define a viable Future.

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In Sync with the World

Justified Analyses of our Living Environment, while Maintaining Authenticity will lead to Intelligent use of Information for Integrated Communication, Connection, Creativity and Continuity.

How we share Information defines the Future of our Common world. Interpretation and well defined shared points of departure will ensure viable use and implementation.

IVO’s System is based upon the storytelling-tool eTransferium

Forming an e-transferium is a methodology based upon the necessity to create a working environment for cooperation that is save and excepted by all parties involved. Without colliding egos, working on a mutual agreed upon subscription of the need by defining a design assignment. And only then, secondly, working out – expertise, concepts, techniques, even budgets, the means to meet the defined and agreed upon need.

Working on such assignments from an intrinsic motivation will help and inspire cooperation. The individual (company, organisation or governance) interest will be served only in developing the common means to meet the need. 

The adaptive feedback process model is a guidance tool for building an e-transferium. A tool easy to adjust to the demands of the cooperation and scalable for small to large, local to regional and national to international projects. The tool guides the participants and helps to attune the means to meet the need, while safeguarding the effectiveness and guaranteed quality as committed to by all partners. There is no loosing face for any of the assigned partners in facing the agreed upon challenge.

Every Supportive beHolder can become a Communicative beHolder by supporting communities in enabling them to have access to the online community of IVO. Raising awareness for projects that matter!

Also organisations can become Communicative beHolder by promoting IVO on location, festival ground, fair, exhibition etc. by introducing visitors to I-Vote campaigns of their choice and enabling them to have access to the online community of IVO, subscribe as Viable beHolder and vote!

Adaptive feedback process model:

a Storytelling-tool

Starting our story with Planet Earth (1) and a general goal to build and have a save and healthy Future (14) for current and future generations we first define what we’ve got. We have a planet that provides us with a viable System (2) that makes it possible for us people as a species to live. The planet is also a market (13) place where we use all its natural elements to meet our needs. The question at hand is if the system can meet and handle the constant growing request of a constant growing population.

Lucky for us we have a conscious (3) and we can relate, come to reason, show compassion, learn and discover and therefore also have education (12). Although part of Nature (4), we really distinguished ourselves and as Humanity (5) became a civilization. With globalization and multicultural (10) cities or industrial regions we see us now faced with huge ecological (11) challenges. Good for employment (6) and therefore good for an industry (9) that will have to adept to the changes that will eventually lead towards a third industrial revolution. Because our intention (7) with all human activity will have to change and become an ever more beneficial and functional activity to help the Planet sustain the ability to provide us with a viable system, we need to Become Native (8) to the Planet (1).


Man made systems to become Integrated systems:

In sync with nature

If we look at the vertical relationship of the elements (8 and 2) we will see that when we would start with the intention to become Native to the planet we will have to follow and integrate our manmade systems into supportive integrated systems that are inline and in harmony with the natural system. We would need for the Industry to grow a conscious (9 and 3).

What we have defined as Culture is by far not how cultures developed in early years, where the relation to the natural local environment was one of the keystones of how beliefs, tradition and certain rules came to be of importance in the existence of tribes, communities, civilizations. Our relation to nature is much more one of leisure, vacation or an occasional walk on a sunny Sunday morning. We will have to learn the true cultural meaning and effect of restoring and renew our relationship with nature (10 and 4).

While we have made Ecology into Economy, and especially in those places where we take the Earth’s raw materials and or ship our waste to, we see what is left of our humanitarian beliefs (11 and 5).

Educational programs will have to change what automatically will support a next generation with a new (naïve) natural intelligence and biosphere supportive, effective form of Employability (12 and 6).

Last but not least we will have to make sure that the market, a global market, grows to understand that locally we will have to create and support regional economies as integrated ecosystems that are in line with a global intention of becoming native to planet again (13 and 7).

Every Human Being can become a beHolder for mutual Viability, when reaching the age of 12.

Creating a numerological system for change

Pico della Mirandola

Count Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; (24 February 1463 – 17 November 1494) was an Italian Renaissance philosopher. He is famed for the events of 1486, when at the age of 23, he proposed to defend 900 theses on religion, philosophy, natural philosophy and magic against all comers, for which he wrote the famous Oration on the Dignity of Man, which has been called the “Manifesto of the Renaissance”, and a key text of Renaissance humanism and of what has been called the “Hermetic Reformation”.

The “Manifesto of the Renaissance” Oration on the Dignity of Man, has been a great inspiration for writing the manifest “One Planet Jungle”.

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self-similar or fractal system

Circels within Circels.

An abstract diagram meant to illustrate an extreme mirroring cosmology, developed by a sixteenth-century commenter on the works of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. The diagram appears in Nicolas LeFèvre’s 1579 French translation of Pico’s Heptaplus (1489).

The correlative structure of Pico’s system – known today as self-similar or fractal system – is evident in the scaled circles-within-circles representing different metaphysical “levels” in the cosmos. The following saying by pre- Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras, which finds counterparts in correlative traditions in the Middle-East, India and China, could pass as a concise modern definition of a fractal system.

Omnia in omnibus & Singula in singulis

(all things exist in all things & all individuals exist in all individuals)


All 4 together will form a dynamic interconnected system in which viability as a leading principle will guide and help all stakeholders to work within an open dynamic network of experts that actively support the envisioned mission from a separable functionality yet respecting each other’s expertise to ensure reliable implementation.

Just notice that each circle of elements adds up to 45, metaphorical referring to a 4 x 45 =180 degrees change of direction towards a future that is truly sustainable. A Planet Earth that has the ability to sustain a system’s condition in which people can live, heal, love, learn and work driven by a continuous need to explore beneficial and certainly viable solutions.

Int. Viability Organisation

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IVO International Viability Organisation is a concept initially developed by evoke2 and designed by Studio 1.25, with the intention to have for their clients, a transparent and open platform for cooperation and to share the experienced knowledge and expertise of cooperative partners. All people that were willing to park their Ego. While working with inspiring and beautiful people all over the world it was time to scale up.

The reversed ® icon is a symbol for re-define, re-discover, re-design, is a symbolic “read backwards” sign,  and a call for a 180° change towards a viable future!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so share and make it a first cradle as an effective multiplier to the next”.  

Hans & Frans