the ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to

Bees Are Invited,

The Flower Is Almost Ready!

At IVO we are preparing our first voting campaign ever. The Netherlands has proven to have an open and throughly engaged society. Especially when it comes down to the willingness to have a vote in what can be done to establish a safe and viable future for next generations.

Most people, when asked, will endorse the ambition or need for human rights, sustainability and self-management.

Mostly (hopefully) talented people will work on regulations, guidelines, directives, laws and rights within (inter-)national and local governmental bodies, NGO’s, environmental institutions and trade organisations etc.

To follow the current developments in politics, sustainable purchasing policies and society from a naïve perspective is a choice. The willingness to activate this naivety, serviceable for the empowerment of the exploration journey towards solutions that answer concrete questions is an intentionally defined choice. A choice made from a conscious that we have a shared sense of urgency. What we have seen as a trip towards an abyss, can change. With your Vote as Viable beHOLDER for the enlisted Viable Project of your choice.

One might think does my vote count?

From a naive perspective our answer is, YES it does. At IVO we are working with a virtual capital of 7 Billion human beings. The road-sign End-Dead-End is not just a naive and graphical element. It can actually be that illuminating sign for a better future, a beautiful future and even a Viable Future with your Vote for Viability.

If Design is the first signal of human intention, we beHOLDERS of our Planet Earth, see the mutual goal in becoming native to the planet’s viable system, as the greatest design challenge to face.

A discovery journey to reinforce our mutual existence within that very viable system, Planet Earth so beautifully provides us with. IVO offers Shared Points of Departure to discover, define and re-design the cooperative means, required to meet our needs as mankind. Embracing diversity as an existential requirement for becoming a mutualistic society with at least one shared point of departure; Viability!  

An intention to design cooperation with sustainability in mind. For sustainability is not a product, is not a company, ego or certificate. The ability to sustain is not words but action. Sustainability is not a state of any kind, if only a viable state of mind!

Activate this naivety, serviceable for all.

This very infantile simplicity or naivety finds its origin in nature. “Naïve” derives from the Latin “nativus”, meaning native. From a local and holistic point of view, by adding the “t” of technology, trust and truth, IVO sees the greatest challenge in the one question:

Can we become native to our Planet again?

Do you want a naive answer?





Int. Viability Organisation

IVO Administration team

Hans Havers

+31 (0)653 32 9972

Frans Aerdts

+31 (0)612 99 0384

We appreciate it  if you would like to share some of our ideas and concepts via social media. Please note to always read and refer to our Creative Commons, Copyright & License.

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Creative Commons: 

You cannot modify our work or distribute it commercially, 

but you can share it as long as you credit Studio 1.25.

IVO International Viability Organisation is a concept initially developed by evoke2 and designed by Studio 1.25, with the intention to have for their clients, a transparent and open platform for cooperation and to share the experienced knowledge and expertise of cooperative partners. All people that were willing to park their Ego. While working with inspiring and beautiful people all over the world it was time to scale up.

The reversed ® icon is a symbol for re-define, re-discover, re-design, is a symbolic “read backwards” sign,  and a call for a 180° change towards a viable future!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so share and make it a first cradle as an effective multiplier to the next”.  

Hans & Frans