“I’m convinced that human continuance depends entirely  upon the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.”


Buckminster Fuller (Critical Path, 1981)

From William Shakespeares’ Hamlet

To be, or not to be; that is the question;

No it’s Not! The ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to answer that question, beholds the real challenge yet to be faced by Human Kind.

“To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub”

We know the inconvenient truth, but what have we learned? Whose truth to believe, what view, opinion or judgement to act upon? The only thing inconvenient is the ignorance of Egos looking down upon the rabble. 

“The undiscovered country from whose bourn – No traveller returns, puzzles the will,”

There is no way back in Time, the will to act now is evident more than ever.

“And makes us rather bear those ills we have / Than fly to others that we know not of?”

IVO’s main goal is to make visual the projects that matter. Giving people the opportunity of choice to vote for viability and behold the beauty.

“Thus conscience does make cowards of us all, / And thus the native hue of resolution / Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought, / And enterprises of great pitch and moment / With this regard their currents turn awry, / And lose the name of action.”

A choice made from a conscious that we have a shared sense of vulnerability. A sense of urgency sure, but most needed a transformative sense for viability. We are cowards no more. We choose, we vote. Viability for all.

able to!


That is the Question!

NO IT’S NOT  –  The ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to answer that question, there lies the real challenge. 

The ability TO BE OR NOT TO BE able to become native to our Planet Earth again is what has been captivating us since we started 2evoke in 2007, working as a satellite partner for Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart in the Netherlands, introducing C2C and establishing a first scientific affiliate EPEA Nederland, first in Venlo 2008 and moved to the ICSE, in the “Lichttoren” in Eindhoven in 2009.  Our main goals then and still are today, while facing the challenges we as human kind encounter: 

  • making visible the design concepts that define the quality needed 
  • evoke the Challenges we see as Shared Points of Departure for cooperation; the need for innovative transformations: 
  • making sure that no one looses face, for the main goal still is getting there together.

| TEDxVenlo 2015 | 

| 3 min. pitch, Frans Aerdts |

Hans Havers

IVO beHolder, Founder, Generalist

Frans Aerdts

IVO beHolder, Founder, Artdirector

IVO beHolder

Communicative beHolder, Platform

The International Viability Organisation

We still have our naive approach to complex challenges that need to be addressed and still as 2evoke we see a great opportunity in changing the environment we live in, vitalising this very environment by implementing tools to evoke, “make visible” a viable lifestyle and (circular) economy in which human kind automatically evolves. Creating the mindset to really evoke a vital environment by making visible the Projects that Matter

And beyond that, making it approachable for the common people. Giving those projects a support base and create an opportunity to reflect, gather, explain and distinguish the information in telling your story and see how your project connects, contributes and what is needed to make it a commonly accepted, government supported and a industrial standardised effective solution. Giving people a face and a chance to be of influence and Vote for Viability for their project, your project of choice.

The naive, or as we like to say the native do have the willingness to activate this naivety, serviceable for the empowerment of the exploration journey towards solutions that answer concrete questions.That is an intentionally defined choice. A choice made from a conscious that we have a shared sense of vulnerability. A sense of urgency sure, but most needed a transformative sense for viability. Things need to chance. A pandemic as COVID-19 is the least of warning signals that we encounter on our trip towards a viable future.

But even apart from this urgency and therefore free of any convention, if we become conscious of our place and (possible) function within the complex dynamic system (Planet Earth), it is of infantile simplicity to understand and make visible that we need to do things different. This very infantile simplicity or naivety finds its origin in nature. “Naïve” derives from the Latin “nativus”, meaning native. From a local and holistic point of view, by adding the “t” of technology, trust and truth, IVO sees the greatest challenge in the one question:

Can we temporarily park our ego and transform what drives us based upon Shared Points of Departure? Can we become native to the planet?
Do you want a naive answer?


That is why we created IVO, a platform for cooperation with at least 1 Shared Point of Departure. Viability!


I Vote for Viability!

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“IVO evokes the projects that matter, connects the cooperative partners, creates a mutual knowledge database and most needed, gives the People, Human Kind, the opportunity to understand, approach and support, simply by Voting Viability for…their project of choice and beHOLD the Beauty.” Because;

“Beauty is in the eye of the BeHolder!” 

Apart from the at least 1 Shared Point of Departure, we also have 1 Rule of Engagement: 1€ for 1Vote a year. Making it possible for all to participate. For every human being beholds the beauty to connect and support. Even those who do not have that 1€ we offer the ability to participate.